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Also, an encouraging story in Washington Post today about how the 1st Armored Division is becoming adept at coaxing intel from the locals. The troops really have to operate like beat cops:

Instead of Force, Friendly Persuasion

Armor Division in Baghdad Attempts Makeover Into Intelligence Gathering Unit

“With its armored vehicles sitting in parking lots, the 1st Armored Division is reinventing itself on the fly, grooming neighborhood informants and sending paid sources deep into Baghdad’s teeming neighborhoods, CIA-style, to collect information on Islamic militants and Iraqis loyal to former president Saddam Hussein and his Baath Party.

Foot patrols knock on doors posing as water and sewer survey teams; they are actually gathering information. Military intelligence officers, who normally study an enemy’s armored order of battle, send sources out with global positioning system devices to record precise locations of targeted homes.”


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