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More On Journalist Giving

Howie Kurtz picks up the story today , and good for him when  he writes:

The scorecard — 125 of 144 donations to Democrats — provides fresh ammunition to those who say the press has a liberal tilt. It’s hard to argue you don’t favor one party when you’ve just coughed up cash for that party.

But this still misses the point. This is a “scandal” because journalists revealed a symptom. But nobody is talking about the underlying malady. Sure, you can ban drinking on the job, but that’s not the same thing as banning drinkers or alcoholics from coming into work. It’s important to remember how cheap journalists tend to be (never mind how stingy upscale liberals are). The folks giving money to campaigns are a tiny minority of journalists generally  the equivalent of the really obvious office lushes — they just can’t help themselves.  But most drinkers aren’t lushes (and many lushes aren’t obvious about it) and banning campaign donations from journalists won’t change coverage one iota, it’ll just take away one small source of corroborating evidence for liberal media bias away.  Unfortunately, there’s so much more evidence out there. 


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