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More Kyl & Immigration

Ramesh: Your last point is relevant to the Kyl discussion, i.e., your assertion that “If the administration’s initiative is to die, it is going to take Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel to land the fatal blow.” One of the things needed to kill the bill in the House, if it comes to that, is that the House Republican caucus sticks together, and then peels off some Dems. If Kyl actually ends up caving, making what he believes is the best of a bad situation, that makes solidarity among House Republicans a lot harder. On the other hand, if Kyl were to walk away, saying “I tried my best but just couldn’t accept the non-negotiable demands of La Raza; no bill at all is better than this bill,” and gets a majority of Republicans to oppose it (like last year), the House GOP’s position is strengthened.

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