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Virginia Postrel wrote a tart comment yesterday about Howard Dean’s support for a sweeping re-regulation of corporate America and some libertarians’ support for Dean. Some people seem to be taking her to have suggested that these libertarians must support regulation, which I don’t believe she did. She was saying only that if they support Dean even though he wants so much regulation, it will say something interesting about their priorities. . . . Also in libertarian-land: Jesse Walker has a nicely argued antiwar piece regarding the Feith memo. . . . and let me end with a comment for Jonah: I don’t doubt that a libertarian could, in theory, make an argument against gay marriage if the existence of marriage as a governmental institution were taken as a given. (Just as I can see how a libertarian could make an argument for a ban on abortion and embryonic stem-cell research, or against the judicial imposition of libertarian policies, even though most libertarians will not in fact make such arguments.) What I don’t see is how a libertarian purist could make an argument for marriage as a governmental institution in the first place.

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