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More Lost *** MORE SPOILERS ***

From a reader:

RE “Lost”: I think you have it right when you say “some major

space-time-continuum shenanigans [are] in the works.”

In the episode “Not in Portland,” Juliet was recruited to work for a lab

named Mittelos Bioscience. The powers-that-be at “Lost” have confirmed that

it is no accident “Mittelos” anagrams as “Lost Time.” They’ve also hinted in

interviews that Desmond’s time-bending perceptions are important

foreshadowing to the show’s ongoing plot direction.

Also, the show’s two chieftains, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, have said

that “Adam and Eve” (the skeletons Jack found in a cave back in season one,

the ones with the black and white stones/marbles) are a big clue as to how

the entire series — and the island’s central mystery — will inevitably be

wrapped up.

They’ve mentioned this stuff about the skeletons to offer advance proof to

fans that the show’s creative team has (they claim) always known how the

show will end; having the series finale reach all the way back to Adam and

Eve from the first season will (they claim) prove this.

So, many fan sites are speculating that *mucho* time travel is indeed in

“Lost”’s future, and that Adam and Eve are actually Jack and Kate.

Me, I’m just wondering who was in that darn coffin.