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More Media Reaction

Following up on what Tim reported from ABC, a reader reports:

2. Terry Moran, about 20 minutes later, discussing the problems of giving Saddam a fair trail. He said that the Nazi leadership who were tried at Nuremburg were “railroaded.” He immediately qualified this remark by adding “in the eyes of many jurists today.” Got that? Goering was RAILROADED!

3. Ivan Watson, on NPR at around 8:50 am, was asked about the reaction by Iraqis to seeing the video of a captured Saddam. He said that some Iraqis would celebrate, others would be upset at seeing Saddam “humiliated.” Got that? Sticking a tongue depressor in the mouth of a deposed dictator who murdered tens of thousands (and who could be hiding a cyanide capsule in his mouth like Himmler did in order to commit suicide upon capture) amounts to HUMILIATION. Let’s check the Geneva convention on that, shall we?


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