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More Michigan Sleaze

Much can be said, has been said, and needs to be said about the sleazy tactics of the opponents of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative. George Will called them “thuggish ”; K-Lo wrote earlier this week about these folks’ recent equation of MCRI to Katrina and 9-11.

Here’s my contribution: When debating MCRI at the University of Michigan this week, one of my opponents made it a point not once, but twice, to liken the proponents of MCRI to the Ku Klux Klan. The second time, he did acknowledge that I wasn’t actually a member of the KKK—just that I shared the common goal of making racial preferences illegal. The same thing happened the following night, against another opponent, in a debate at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.

Actually, I thought the KKK rather liked some racial preferences. As did the Nazis. As do the opponents of MCRI. But I don’t mean to suggest that these groups are all the same. Just that they want the same things. That’s all.


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