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More On Min Leader

A conservative Hill aide argues that Barton may have had a bit more support than I thought. 

“Not a lot by any means, but enough to possibly cause Boehner a problem in combination with Pence.   Together, if Barton and Pence combined to have 100 votes, then on the second ballot, should one have supported the other, Boehner could’ve lost in a close race, just like in” the race for Majority Leader earlier this year when Roy Blunt fell just short of having enough votes on the first ballot and saw many of John Shadegg’s backers go to Boehner in the run-off.

This staffer also points out that Boehner’s office released their statement praising Barton’s decision before Barton’s office even made the announcement.  It’s “not only rude,” this source says, but also “telling.”

“Why would he do it tonight at 8:00 PM?  He made a presentation to the RSC today at 2:00 talking about his vision (and handed out a substantial document that certainly took time to put together).” 

 UPDATE: Boehner’s office did not, in fact, put out their statement before Barton announced his decision.  Barton’s committee office sent out the email before the Majority Leader issued his comment.  Subsequent to these two emails, Barton’s personal office released their statement again  — and therein lies the issue.