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More on New York Premiums under Obamacare, Obama’s Health-Care Address Today

Yesterday, I pointed out some core flaws with the New York Times article on Obamacare and health insurance premiums in New York. I’ve posted my detailed analysis this morning at Forbes, for those who want to dive into the numbers and the sordid tale of how Mario Cuomo wrecked New York’s individual health insurance market in 1992.

Today, at 11:30 a.m., President Obama is to give a formal health-care address, in which he touts another feature of the law — its limits on medical-loss ratios — as a mechanism by which Obamacare will save you money. But the opposite is true. By effectively defining what insurers’ operating margins must be, and turning them into utilities, the health law will create private insurance monopolies and drive premiums upward. I explain it all in this article, but instead of reading that, just watch this brilliant YouTube video that describes it better than I ever could:

Avik Roy is a columnist at NRO and a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. You can follow him on Twitter at @avik.

Avik RoyMr. Roy, the president of the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity, is a former policy adviser to Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Marco Rubio.


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