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More Non-Suit Written Accolades

From John in Briggs, Texas:

Dear Jonah,

I couldn’t have said it better than Dave, the NRO reader’s quote you posted yesterday (Wednesday) around 5:30 pm under the heading of “THE SUITS DIDN’T WRITE THIS” . So I, too, decided to stop freeloading and subscribed to the dead tree version of your excellent magazine. Even though I have been unemployed for a very long time, struggling to find employment (the job market is not as rosy as some at NRO think it is), and my financial condition is tight, I felt that becoming a subscriber was the least I could do to show you and everyone at NRO how much I appreciate, enjoy, and learn from what I read at NRO. I can not believe what I would be missing if NRO didn’t exist.

Thanks for everything you do.

With warmest regards,


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