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More Odd Links From Debby

Sorry, these were actually from last Saturday:

Brazil gives up on priest carried off by balloons.   Photo-heavy 1965 National Geographic story on the 1964 New York World’s Fair. (Keep clicking “next”).   Humans almost became two species.   8 (Pointless) Laws All Comic Book Movies Follow.   Interesting article on The “Amen Break” and the Golden Ratio.

More than half of Londoners have found love on the Tube.   If you’re working in a large group of people, you’re fighting human nature,   Great lede: “Like most stories that end up with a man mowing his friend’s lawn in a dress, it started out innocently enough.”   Tips for improving gas mileage 30% or more.   How realistic is Iron Man’s suit?   Man who lost his license for driving drunk is killed by drunk driver while bicycling.  There’s a lesson here, but I’m not sure what it is.   Here’s another one that’s gotta have a lesson: All Female Fish Species Lived For 70,000 years without Reproducing.   Scientists say the Earth is humming.   New world record simultaneous Coke/Mentos explosion.  I’ve seen a couple of videos but none that show the whole thing, so please let me know if you see a good one.   Man killed by 4 cans of Red Bull a day.   Double Your Lifespan with a Drug that Mutates Your Ribosomes.   Repairing the levees in New Orleans by stuffing them with newspapers?



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