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more “over friendly”

The Times has more on the nature of Fordham’s alleged warning:

Mr. Fordham said he had informed Mr. Palmer of the concerns while working for Mr. Foley, after the House clerk, Jeff Trandahl, approached him. Mr. Trandahl told him, Mr. Fordham said, that pages had come forward with accounts about Mr. Foley’s behavior. Mr. Trandahl, who resigned his position last year, did not return calls on Wednesday.

The accounts did not include accusations of overtly sexual advances and did not involve e-mail or instant messages of the sort that surfaced last week, Mr. Fordham said. Instead, they encompassed reports that Mr. Foley had been “way too friendly” toward the pages, he said.

Mr. Fordham said that he could not recall the specific date of his meeting with Mr. Palmer, but that it was between 2001 and the end of 2003.

Also, how he was removed prompted him to come forward (although that wasn’t hard to figure out):

Mr. Fordham, 39, who had risen through the ranks of Republican politics and gained a reputation as a strategist, said he felt maligned by suggestions that he tried to participate in a cover-up for Mr. Foley. He decided, he said, to confront Mr. Hastert about his assertion that he was not aware of Mr. Foley’s circling too closely to young people.


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