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More Predictions


More Predictions

Get ready for the worst year since 1968, which is really saying something: 1) Emboldened by western political and cultural weakness, Islamic terrorism will jump outside the al-Qaeda box to embrace a whole host of bad actors: look for an increase in sudden jihad syndrome among western Muslims, including Americans; lone wolves or ad hoc groups who come together for specific attacks (Major Hasan wannabes, car-bombers) and trained cadres engaging in a Bombay-style assault on an American city.  This is their moment.

2) The New York Times recently published a feel-good story about how to survive a nuke attack.  This story was not planted by accident.  Time to re-watch Dr. Strangelove and start scanning the real-estate ads in North Dakota, just in case. 

3) In Congress, look for a steel-cage double death match starring the Tea Party Republicans — first against the RINOs and, after they’re defeated, against the Obama Administration.  Triangulation is not Obama’s style: the president will take the bait, hoping to spin it into electoral victory in 2012, but it won’t work.  The media did its best to strangle the Tea Party in its cradle, but it’s too big now, and Obama’s haughty contempt will only make honest citizens madder.  Bonus: Col. Allen West’s first head-to-head confrontation with the Emperor Hussein, possibly on pay-per-view.

4) The “professional Left” — which includes a huge chunk of the commentariat – becomes even crazier as its beautiful political theory is mugged by the gang of brutal facts known as Reality.  The chasm between how liberals think the world should work and how it actually does work will open so wide that many of them will plunge screaming into the abyss.  Fun for the whole family. 

5)  Next year will be far more critical to the future of the republic than 2012, for it will be next year that the battlefield will be prepped.  If constitutional conservatives can marginalize the RINOs, ignore the media, turn a deaf ear to the bleats of the statists and seize the narrative, they will win in ‘12.  If not, look for a second term for BHO II, who will be able to wield the enormous tactical expertise of the Axis of Axelrod come crunch time.  This Waterloo really will be won or lost on the fields of Eaton — and its Wellington will emerge next year.

Michael Walsh — Mr. Walsh is the author of the novels Hostile Intent and Early Warning and, writing as frequent NRO contributor David Kahane, Rules for Radical Conservatives.


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