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More Ramadan

From my famed “Islamic stuff” guy:


You’re right on Ramadan, mostly. It’s never been a truce month in warfare (even intra-Muslim warfare), as some of the “we’re shouldn’t bomb during…” people seem to insist. But as far as the fasting goes, it’s actually fairly onerous. Don’t forget that most of the Islamic world is closer to the equator than we are, so that days don’t shorten as dramatically.*

You basically have a billion people wandering around cranky as hell for a month. (And some really pious Muslims take the stricture to mean that nothing goes down your throat–so no smoking, and for some, no swallowing your own saliva. Some people wander around spitting all day.)

Plus, all this is aggravated by the fact that it’s a big holiday. Everyone’s family comes to town and stays for a month. You think the goyim have it bad between Christmas and New Year’s. But, yeah, in furtherance of your point, the consumption of meat, sugar, etc., all goes UP during Ramadan, because everyone pigs out every night. Sort of a Yom Kippur-meets-Thanksgiving deal, but for a freakin’ month. Can you blame them for being a tad irritable? : )


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