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More Re: Helping (and Entertaining) Troops

From a friend. I think this is the same group Shannen Coffin and his wife recently signed up with.

My personal favorite is Operation AC (air conditioner, although at

this time of year, they are sending ceramic heaters) where you get to

adopt a soldier. I have been corresponding with several for some time

now (so far 2 have returned home safely and we are still in touch), and

aside from snail-mail addresses, if they have access to E-mail, those

are provided as well. They always need combat boots, but after sending

those, I find they truly love dried fruit, hard candies, phone cards (of

course), disposable cameras, and for Christmas, I’m sending one group a

Presto Pizza Maker with various pizza mixes. I checked first, of

course, that they have a ready supply of electricity…but this should

be something they would use. I also found, at Restoration Hardware, a

great dart board with magnetic darts, that is rolled up in a

nicely-sized canister that can be shipped easily. Remember to ship all

things “priority mail” and they usually take 3 weeks (this works for

Ramadi, Kuwait, etc.). Operation AC also has general funds which can

accept contributions for mass mailings.


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