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More Re: A Question of Priority

From a reader:

Mr. Robinson, There is another interesting example of “multiples” related to my

industry and the medium by which you are reading this: Jack Kilby and

Robert Noyce (nearly) simultaneously invented the integrated circuit.

Rather an invention than a discovery, but there’s a fascinating history

there just the same further backing your point, I think.

And from another:

Mr. Robinson,

[W]hen you mentioned the “In the Air” phenomenon, I immediately thought of this exchange on Seinfeld regarding Elaine’s idea for a “Muffin-Top store:”

Elaine: This was my area – you stole my idea!

Mr. Lippman: Elaine, these ideas are all in the air – there in the air!

Elaine: Oh, well, then – if that air is coming out of this face, then it is my air and my idea!

Mr. Lippman: You want a muffin or not?

Elaine: Peach.

It’s too late to put this into your article, of course, Malcolm Gladwell, but feel free to use it in the book.

And for the Tom Wolfe interview that started the string, everybody, click here.


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