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More Re: Sullivan & Scandinavia

One quick further note about Sullivan and Scandinavia–more detail next week. Sullivan denies the link between high Scandinavian out-of-wedlock birthrates and high rates of family dissolution. This is just wrong. One of the most widely accepted facts in comparative family sociology is the higher breakup rate of cohabiting parents–two to three times higher than among married couples. This is emphatically the case even when we are not talking about teen single mothers but about middle class couples who are together, yet unmarried, at the time of their child’s birth. This fact is widely accepted both by radical sociologists who would like to see marriage replaced by cohabitation, and by more conservative scholars who think the Scandinavian trends are deeply disturbing. And the link between parental cohabitation and family dissolution has been shown by numerous observers to apply to Scandinavia just as much as to the rest of the West.


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