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More Robertson

I’m getting a bit of email along these lines:


I saw your “Corner” comment about Pat Robertson becoming increasingly embarrassing, and as a religious right wing zealot, I must often concur. But I’m not so sure Robertson’s evaluation of how God, Bush, and Election ‘04 are working out is that far off the mark. Is the prediction of Bush winning a blowout in a walk that far fetched?

As to the “blasphemy”; God blessing someone that is a man of prayer yet still makes mistakes is hardly at odds with the Biblical accounts of most men of God. Abraham had problems with the truth and twice tried to protect himself by saying his wife was only his sister and not standing up for her. Yet God blessed him in these encounters and even told Pharaoh to have Abraham pray for him that he might be forgiven for what he almost did due to Abraham’s duplicity. And then there’s Abraham’s cousin, Lot. Sheesh!!! what a screw up! Yet he’s listed in the roll call of the faithful men of God in Hebrews 11. Bunch of others in that list were some real rounders too. God’s grace and blessings are not given as rewards for our works and accomplishments, but because of His love and desire to bless those whom He chooses. He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.

What if another man of prayer runs against Bush? I don’t know, it doesn’t look to likely though, but I’ll let God figure it out if it happens. He can bless both even if one loses and one wins can’t he?

Don’t take this as my being upset with your Pat Robertson remarks, or being offended by your seeing God’s blessings differently. I just found your blog on PR and W interesting and hope my view point might be of interest.