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Sources aligned with conservatives said that there had been concern among the rank-and-file members that Pence and Shadegg would vie for the same job, prompting infighting among the conservative faction of the Conference.

Sources said the two conservatives have spoken in recent days. One House source who was not directly familiar with the conversations, said it was a “reasonable conclusion” that the two men would not run for the same job…

Sources said Pence is not expected to make a run for leadership if Republicans defy expectations and hold on to the majority. Additionally, if the GOP loses the majority by a razor-thin margin * such as one or two seats * Pence could opt not to run…

While Pence sometimes has been viewed as a divisive Member in the broader House Republican Conference for his willingness to criticize his party for straying from the principles rooted in the historic 1994 GOP takeover, he has been a prominent voice among conservatives both on and off Capitol Hill.

Conservatives could feel more emboldened if Republicans lose a significant number of House seats tomorrow, because much of those loses would stem from the defeat of their moderates. Centrist Members in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio and other battleground districts are in competitive races.


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