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More on Romney and the Sanctuary Mansion

The question that’s Romney’s action raises is how could he keep using Community Lawn Service after the controversy over illegal workers arose last year?  Romney took flak for it when it was reported last year, and it was on the basis of those old reports that Giuliani used the “sanctuary mansion” line last week.  Romney responded:

Are you suggesting, Mayor, that if you have a company that you hired who provide a service, that you now are responsible for going out and checking the employees of that company, particularly those that might look different or don’t have an accent like yours, and ask for their papers — I don’t think that’s American…

Now, it turns out Romney was still using the company even after he knew it was a problem.  Perhaps he’ll get points for giving them another chance, but the bottom line is he is now re-embarrassed by an issue that embarrased him a year ago.


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