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More on Rumsfeld Timing

I’m hearing a lot of this, and, as I’ve said, I tend to agree:

To: Kathryn Lopez

Subject: Rumsfeld: Anne Northup and other GOP candidates have to be throwing darts at a W dart board today

So news stories indicate that the decision to sack Rummy was made some time ago.

Why did W leave so many vulnerable Republicans hanging out there?Anne Northup was running against a flaming liberal newspaper editor who’d put all of his wacko opinions in editorials–government-run health care, partial-birth abortion on demand, you name it.  This guy, John Yarmuth, was easily the worst candidate she’s run against.  Ordinarily she would’ve taken him out to the woodshed, even in a Democratic district like KY-3.  But he hung Iraq around her neck and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get away from it.  And still she only lost by 5,000 votes.  Think she could’ve made up 3 points if W had given her cover by Rummy resigning back in August or September?  I sure do.  Think she’s the only candidate who could’ve made a close loss a close victory?  Me either.When W’s in the trenches fighting off folks like Chairman Conyers in the next 2 years, he has only himself to thank for it. 

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