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More SC Buzz

Also hear that the musings from Frank Keating about getting into the WH mix could have something to them.  John Rainey, a prominent South Carolina developer and Bush Pioneer, is hosting a lunch for Keating Thursday in Columbia.  Rainey is one of the most politically powerful money men in the state and serves (or has served) on a number of top boards and comissions.  He is being heavily wooed by other Republican candidates and would certainly be a signicant ‘get’ for a candidate just out of the box like Keating.  

And, finally, to get even deeper into the weeds, there is this from an SC spy.  Evidently Trey Walker, a top aide to state AG Henry McMaster (R) and former McCain 2000 staffer, had a lunch get-together today with Oran Smith.  Smith, as Byron York explains in his piece yesterday, is the top official with the Palmetto Family Council, one of the state’s most influential social conservative groups.  McMaster, in addition to being a staunch backer of the group’s push to pass the SC’s same-sex marriage amendment, also happens to be one of the most ardent McCain supporters in the state. 

You’ve got to give it to the McCain camp — one day after Byron reports the below skepticism from Smith on Romney they’ve got a staffer making the sell on their guy:

“The Reagan thing, the abortion thing, the gay thing — if you mix all of that together, is there a pattern?”


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