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More On S(C)Hmundo

From a reader:

Jonah, if you google “schmundo” instead of “shmundo” you get some non-NRO references (as well as more Goldberg-penned postings), but they are few and mostly blog-type sites. So it is still possible that you coined this word, and furthermore I can’t believe you would even mis-spell a word that you yourself invented! (Although you will have to tell us which spelling is correct.)

There is one apparently unrelated reference here:


Here in Annapolis, just about everything we apply to the surfaces of a boat is fondly referred to as “schmundo”. While West System epoxy concoctions are the ultimate schmundo, any high-quality filler, sealer, cleaner, coating or polish fits the definition. This spring you can order all the maintenance supplies you need from your desk at work, and be ready to go first thing Saturday morning. Think of all the time you’ll save, and remember that if it’s not from it’s not schmundo.


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