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More on the Search for Moderate Hezbos

Ed Morrissey has thoughts at Hot Air, including these:

Maybe Barack Obama was too busy publishing legal opinions at Harvard to recall this (I kid, I kid!), but Hezbollah kidnapped a number of Americans during the 1980s.  They also murdered a CIA station chief, and conducted a terrorist attack that killed over 240 Marines when the US attempted to intervene between Lebanon and Israel.

Unlike the Pakistani Taliban, Hezbollah isn’t an indigenous movement.  It was created, funded, and directed from Tehran.  It does have control over ministerial positions in the Lebanese Cabinet, but only because Iran’s money and guns gives them the power to extort those positions.  It exists to conduct war against Israel, and is much more like Hamas in its refusal to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist than Fatah’s prevarications on the subject.

In other words, Hezbollah is exactly the kind of organization we need to stamp out as part of our efforts to curtail Iran’s influence.  Instead, Obama’s administration proposes to endorse that influence by legitimizing a terrorist organization and an enemy to our close ally.


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