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More Sexy But Not Good Looking

The voice of Authority. Here is a reader in Virginia–obviously a person

who has pondered deeply on the issue.

Mr. Derbyshire—I happen to be not only a faithful reader of National

Review, but possibly the world’s foremost expert on


Here, then, is my list of people who are sexy, but not good looking.

#1 Jeff Goldblum


Benicio del Toro

Steve Martin


Crispin Glover

Andy Garcia

Justin Timberlake

John Cleese

Albert Finney

Eddie Izzard

Liam Neeson


Tim Robbins

Conan O’Brien

Gary Sinise

Jake Gyllenhaal

Ray Winstone

Bill Murray

William Macy

Anthony LaPaglia

David Letterman

John Malkovich

Christopher Walken

Lyle Lovett

Steve Zahn

Willem Defoe

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