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More On Stanley on the Milt Rosenberg Show

More idiocy from Obama callers.  They call with their talking points, do not refute a single fact Stanley has written or otherwise publicized, and they ask, “How can you possibly expect the Obama campaign to send someone to be on your show on short notice in the middle of the Democratic Convention?”

Is there a single television or radio news program that you can turn on without being harangued by an Obama adviser, campaign official, strategist, etc., etc.?  They can’t trip over themselves fast enough to get to a microphone, no matter where or when.  They were implored to come on this show, and they declined.  Not because it’s the middle of the convention — the convention hasn’t stopped them from being everyplace else.  They didn’t want to come on because they don’t have an answer, and it’s easier for them to have their legions smear Stanley than deal with facts.

Is there anyone in the Obama camp who stands by the candidate’s claim that Ayers is just a guy who lives in Obama’s neighborhood?


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