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More on the Steyn Trial

In the interest of brevity, I left out many details in my write-up of the Steyn/Maclean’s case. For instance, I didn’t bother going into too much detail about how odious the complainants are. So this note from a reader might be of interest:

Just a note to add a point to your very fine account of Canadian “Human Rights” Tribunals.

Permit me to bring to your attention an interesting fact, of which you may not be aware: the complainant, as put by Ottawa Citizen columnist David Warren, is an egregious offender of all notions of human decency. As put by Warren in a recent column: “No single person has done so much to advance contempt for Islam in this country as Mohamed Elmasry, president of the ‘Canadian Islamic Congress,’ the complainant in this case — whose public assertions have included, e.g., the view that every Israeli citizen is a valid target for Palestinian hitmen.” In other words, the same man who is attacking Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, et al., has sportingly declared an open season, so far as he’s morally concerned, for Islamist terrorists who hunt and randomly kill innocent Israeli civilians–and no one has as of yet hauled him up in front a “Human Rights” Tribunal!

Keep up the good work in reporting on and bringing to public scrutiny these unbelievable outrages, which most of the Canadian media is essentially ignoring, or at best treating with kid gloves.


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