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“Greetings from an Army major in Germany.

While the content of the report has been a source of much discussion around post, the fact that the report can be pulled up on the Internet is quite a bit surprising to me. USA-Today provides a scanned version, which, when I opened on my unclassified computer, led to the obligatory,’Whoah!’ when I saw it was a ‘SECRET/NOFORN’ document. The short of it: Not only classified, but not releasable to a non-American (No Foreign National.)

The conspiracy theorist in me says someone (probably the SecDef) leaked the document. Anyone looking through it and saying the situation wasn’t investigated thoroughly is full of hot air. As surprised as I am to see it on the internet, I think it pretty much diffuses any claim the situation wasn’t addressed. Must admit that after having done an Article 15-6 investigation or two myself, the general did a pretty good job putting things together.”


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