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More Texas Democrats’ Handiwork

In a familiar pattern, following Republican successes in the voting booth, Travis County’s Democratic District Attorney Ronnie Earle today indicted a bunch of the GOP’s corporate supporters, including Cracker Barrel and Sears, and three employees of a PAC Tom DeLay is on the advisory board of. Corporate contributions to PACs are not illegal in Texas. While corporate

contributions to candidates are illegal; TRMPAC never gave corporate

contributions to candidates and that is one of the main arguments in their

defense. The indictments from Earle’s third grand jury follow a two year investigation. In 1993, Earle indicted Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison after she won a special election. The judge directed a verdict of acquittal on the first day of trial. CBS’ pal Bill Burkett hasn’t been focusing all of his attention on his grudge against George Bush. In August he was cheering up his fellow Democrats about the opportunity to “rid the country” of Bush, along with “Perry and DeLay manipulations.” In Texas, if you can’t beat ‘em – indict ‘em.


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