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More Webathon Love

Do you hang around these parts . . . a lot? If you do, if you binge at the NRO all-you-can-gobble bar, think about making a donation (admit it: it’s time you did) so we can keep the grub coming. You can make your contribution here. Know that others have, some even leaving a word or two of encouragement behind. For example:

Charles contributes $150 and a note of hopefulness: “Thanks for standing tough. Thanks for keeping your integrity. It makes me feel better because I don’t know where conservatism is going after this but it is nice that we still have a whole bunch of people that believe.”

Michael sends along $100, but his thoughts are a little darker than are Charles’s: “The cultural change in our country toward hyper-progressivism is, frankly, terrifying. Our elites have managed to succeed to the point where prosecuting global warming ‘deniers,’ sexual identity based on feelings, and cookies that look like babies with their heads removed to “celebrate” abortion are not only accepted ideas, but are values so universally acceptable that the rest of us are intolerant savages for not agreeing. We are apparently now always at war with Oceania and we have never needed thoughtful conservative thought and education like we do now.” Indeed.

Ditto from Orlando, who tosses $50 into the basket and echoes Michael: “It is in times like these that we need National Review more than ever. You do critically important work to give voice to those who embrace conservatism out of philosophical principle and not merely temperament.”

And we’ll close with this, from Ezra, who sent $50 and a comment that is short and sweet and correct: “Buckley would be proud.”

He would. Bill believed, by the way, that he owned the magazine on behalf of those whose contributions had kept it alive and athwart-standing over the decades. Be part of that experience of keeping America’s principled voice of conservatism in the fight. Please make your contribution to NRO today, right here.


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