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Just saw Kicking and Screaming, the new family comedy starring Will Ferrell as a milquetoast dad who becomes a raving-maniac soccer coach. It’s a big “eh,” mostly because the moviemakers are so afraid we won’t like Ferrell’s character that they spend an hour making him almost repulsively inoffensive. The movie only really comes alive when Ferrell, supposedly hopped up on coffee, goes all out, berating, baiting, and pushing small children. But there is an unbelievably cute kid in the movie named Elliot Cho who is almost worth the price of admission — and there’s a startlingly funny turn by Chicago Bears legend Mike Ditka, who plays himself. No cursing and no violence except for a tetherball game between Ferrell and Robert Duvall. So go. Or don’t go. It’s up to you.


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