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More Wisc.

This is the last of these for a while:

I live in NE Wisconsin, Packer country, and I wouldn’t count us out

yet. Favre has his message going out on the phones, so does Arnold, I

received both of those calls yesterday. Plus I’ve received two

additional calls, and countless invitations to Bush events. I’ve

received TONS of mail from the RNC and BC04. Tommy Thompson’s message

is also going out, I received that call last week. My parents received

a personal call last night. I’ve received three emails to offer me a

drive to poll to vote for Bush. Bush signs are ALL OVER THE PLACE up

here in NE Wisconsin. They FAR outnumber Kerry signs at least 4 to 1.

Compare that to last time, which I received a call from Thompson and

maybe Bush, and that’s ALL I heard about it. There were very few yard

signs, and not nearly the intensity coming from the Bush camp. This

year is much improved over 2000.

I’ll concede this, the pro-Kerry, anti-Bush ads are EVERYWHERE.

Literally, every commercial break has a VERY negative ad against Bush.

I honestly think it could backfire. I’ve seen the negative DNC

anti-Bush ads at least 100 times a piece. Contrast that with the

positive Bush ads running here, and it may help Bush in the end. I

think the negativity in the Kerry camp is SO OVER the top, that it

doesn’t appeal to us. I’m partisan though, so I may be wrong.