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A Mormon Corner Reader on That Globe Piece

Dear KLo,Interesting article in The Globe, but as a Mormon myself it all seems very far-fetched.  I’ll admit that most of us are watching Romney’s potential candidacy with interest, but with as much concern as hope.  After all, attention brought to the Church can as easily be negative as positive and might easily generate hate.  We’ve been through that before and aren’t eager to revisit it.We figure, obviously, that Romney’s positions on key political issues will likely reflect our own, although Harry Reid is also a member of the Church and his positions are quite different than Romney’s; just being a member of the Church is certainly not enough.  The Church is extremely careful to avoid endorsing candidates or parties, and so I doubt that The Globe’s presentation of events is accurate.  Meetings may have occurred, but I think it is far more likely that these have been held specifically to discuss the need to avoid any attempts to politicize the Church: some of Romney’s supporters might imagine that the Church would rush to become involved, and might need to be told otherwise in an official manner.  At the very least, I can assure you that no directives or instructions or even comments have come to the Church’s stakes and wards (dioceses and parishes) except for the oft-repeated reminder that the Church remains neutral with regard to candidates and parties, and that Church resources (including lists of members, buildings, etc.) must not be used for any political purpose.Most members are proud of Romney, however, as he has generally represented the Church well.  I’m guessing that a majority of Mormons will support him if he is the candidate for president, but as individuals, not as a church.

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