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I am NOT going to run anther day’s worth of Mormon email. But I thought this guy makes a good point. It’s a bit simplistic to say that one of the fastest-growing prosletyzing religions in the world is trying to keep its faith secret. Anyway, from a reader:

Mr. Goldberg,

In response to the letter from the “big-law” partner in Kansas City. He recommended that people “study up on what Mormons believe to be absolute truth.” Ironically, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints would recommend the same thing. The Mormon church currently has over 50,000 young men and women dedicating 1 or 2 years of their lives exclusively to teaching others about their church. In other words, Mormons, would urge everyone to “study up” on what they believe by reading the Book of Mormon along with the Bible. In fact, there are commercials broadcast across the country offering a free copy of the Book of Mormon. My guess is that Mr. Big Law, hasn’t read more than a couple pages of the Book of Mormon, so I wonder what he means when he says “study up on what Mormons believe.”

As a Mormon, I am offended by the arrogance of Evangelicals like your reader from Kansas City. Why does he refuse to let me self-identify as a Christian, (he says to “compare [Mormonism] with Christianity”. Indeed I am a member of “The Church of Jesus Christ…” Each Sunday I take upon myself the name of Christ through a sacred ordinance we call the sacrament. I pray in the name of Christ. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ. Again the list could go on.

As a law student, who has listed my two-year volunteer missionary service for the Mormon church in Spain on my resume, I am glad that I didn’t apply to this man’s law firm, because based on his letter, it would seem that he is comfortable ignoring his firm’s nondiscrimination policies in its hiring practices.

Undoubtedly there are quirks in the Mormon faith. We believe that we can be married for time and all eternity. We believe that God has restored his true church on the earth by calling a prophet and 12 apostles to run His church through revelation. We believe that as children of a loving Heavenly Father, and through the atonement of Jesus Christ, we can not only return to live with our Heavenly Father but also become like Him. Yes the list could go on, but the greatest miracle that we believe in is the same that Evangelicals believe in, even that the a virgin gave birth to the Son of God, who in turn lived a perfect live, conquered death, and made it possible for all who exercise faith in him and who keep his commandments to repent of sins and be saved. This sounds crazy doesn’t it, but Evangelicals and I believe it to be true.




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