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Morning in America: A Snapshot of Some Wee-Hours Coverage

Jonah Goldberg: I think James Baker and Dick Cheney should take Bush out to the woods around Camp David.

JPod: Except for his unsuccessful run for Congress in 1978, George W. Bush has never had himself a night like last night.

Kathryn Jean Lopez: Santorum for SecDef

Jim Robbins: Expect a Pentagon exodus.

Stanley Kurtz: Kudos to Ward Connerly

Larry Kudlow: Blue-dog wins are good news for conservatives.

Mark Steyn: I fear some features of an otherwise not terribly unusual sixth-year election may prove hard to reverse in ‘08.

KJL: NedRoots take credit for mod wins

KJL: The worst is yet to come!

Ramesh Ponnuru: Get ready for Majority Leader Reid.

KJL: Voters threw the bums out — even when they weren’t.

KJL: Shame on Pennsylvania. With Mark Dayton retiring and Lincoln Chafee defeated there was an opening for the Most Clueless Senator and Pennsylvania had to fill it?

Kate O’Beirne: Santorum carried 55 percent of voters who thought that illegal immigration is extremely important issue (33 percent).

Kate O’Beirne: Steele carried a large majority of the 44 percent of voters who think illegal immigration is extremely or very important.

John J. Miller: Party labels aside, Chafee deserved to lose more than any other incumbent.

Kate O’Beirne: Any Gore-Kerry seats, like those in Connecticut and Pennsylvania, will be tough to get back.

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