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Morning Consult: 48 Percent Support Barrett’s Confirmation, 31 Percent Oppose

Maybe Democrats would be better off just getting the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination over and done with quickly. Today Morning Consult polling shows support for Barrett growing:

48% of registered voters in the Oct. 9-11 survey said the Senate should vote to confirm Barrett as a Supreme Court justice, up 2 percentage points from 46% in a poll one week ago, though inside the surveys’ 2-point margins of error. 31% of voters said the Senate should vote down Barrett’s nomination, unchanged from the previous polling.

Support for Barrett’s confirmation even inched up a bit among Democrats, from 24 percent to 27 percent.

In this survey, Democrats appear to be losing the argument on whether the Senate should wait to see who wins in November. Morning Consult found 44 percent of respondents say the Senate should vote on confirming her as soon as possible, regardless of who wins the election, compared with 36 percent who think she should be confirmed only if President Trump wins election. Those numbers have moved a few points in the confirm-now direction since late September.


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