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Morning Has Broken

Oh, we’re trading morning-ritual stories? Here’s mine.

6:00 Rise.

6:05 When breakfast under way (see next), walk down driveway to retrieve

newspaper (New York Post).

6:10 Sit down to breakfast–Quaker Oats, with a sprinkling of raisins, a

sliced-up banana and a splash of milk, plus a glass of orange juice. Read

newspaper while eating breakfast.

6:25 Walkies with Boris.

7:15 (approx.) S, s, and s.

7:30 (approx) Sit at desk. Power up computer. Read stuff I wrote

yesterday. (Note to aspiring writers: Always sleep on your work, if

possible. It’s amazing how different a piece can look in the morning.)

Make necessary adjustments. Send to editor.

8:00 Start internet browse of day’s news & opinion.

8:20 Family rise. Greet family.

8:30 Kids have first fight of the day. Pour oil on troubled waters.

8:45 Supervise kids’ teeth-brushing, hair-combing, bag-finding, etc.

8:55 See kids off to school bus.

9:00 Resume internet browsing.


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