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Most Believe Obamacare Here to Stay

A poll was recently released reporting that seven in ten of us believe that Obamacare is here to stay, albeit with some revisions. Alas, that increasingly seems like a good bet to me. As I warned, the Supreme Court’s validation of the law’s constitutionality changed the fundamentals — despite the highly dubious, nay. incomprehensible, legal reasoning of Chief Justice John Roberts.

I opined at the time here that I thought the ruling would make the law more popular. It hasn’t. But I think it did make people resigned to the reality of it. That may be why the Republican opposition seem to have lost the fire in the belly, not to mention a reason for the mixed messages from Romney, such as when he assured voters he will keep adult children on mommy and daddy’s policies for as long as they want – validating Obama’s fundamental point that the feds have the right to impose minimal coverage standards for private policies.

People still don’t like the law. But the pitchforks seem to have been put back in the barn and, with a dejected sigh, the torches doused with water. For Obamacare fans, because people want to keep the law’s entitlements they already have, that may be enough to win the philosophical debate no matter who wins the election.