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The Most Important Voting Demographic

Over at Talking Points Memo, editor Josh Marshall has published a letter from a reader:

TPM Reader JH thinks the new gun control push is a fool’s errand and a political mistake …

I think the Dems are making a big mistake with gun control right now. Going into this legislative session, they had a plan to get past the fiscal cliff then move on to immigration. In doing so, they would not only move the focus from fiscal matters (where the GOP’s sole desire seems to be disruption of any momentum of recovery), but also nail down the most important voting demographic.

I see that Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan are working on immigration reform (per your reporting). If the WH lets Rubio lead on this, there’s a strong chance he, and by association, the underserving GOP, will get a greater portion of the credit than deserved. I really think the Newtown incident is throwing the Dems off their plan. I realize the President needs to do something about Newtown, but I think it’s more important (long-term) that he takes the lead on immigration.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

You didn’t ask for them, JH, but my thoughts are that it’s nice to see somebody admit that “immigration reform” — and the president’s agenda more generally — is primarily about securing the future of the Democratic party. Meanwhile, Republicans are trying to make exactly the same calculation, and considered, sustainable immigration reform can go hang.


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