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The Most Pretentious Piece of Writing in All of Recorded History

You know, at times, people come up to me randomly on the streets of New York and ask me, “Say, JPod, how exactly would you define the word ‘pretentious’?” And I have to admit I am usually stumped and unable to sum up exactly the qualities of pseudo-thought that the word represents. That is why I am grateful today for the film critic of the New York Times, Ms. Manohla Dargis. A writer of uncommon self-important idiocy, Dargis has just published what is, I believe, the single most pretentious review, ever written, in any publication, anywhere, of anything. If you are brave, you will emerge from her description of David Lynch’s Inland Empire a sadder but wiser person. You will have looked the horror of pretentiousness in the face and you will have survived. Take a deep breath. And begin. Here.


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