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The Most Trusted Names in News

The BBC, Fox News and Al Jazeera are “the most trusted brands in their respective home regions,” according to a new survey by the British Broadcasting Corporation, Reuters Group Plc and The Media Center.  But Fox has a lot of work to do; while the “We Report, You Decide” net is most trusted in the US, it’s still only getting that trust from 11 percent of Americans.  Meanwhile, Egyptians virtually fly out of their armchairs to embrace Al Jazeera, with a whopping 59 percent saying they trust the network of choice for terrorists everywhere.  And get this: 28 percent of people worldwide either strongly agreed or somewhat agreed with the statement: “In the past year I have stopped using a specific media source because it lost my trust.”  No word on what percentage of people immediately coughed “CBS” and then pretended to clear their throat.  (Thanks, emailer Intrepid Cheves.)

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