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Mother of All Loaded Questions

From a reader:


“The problem is that … the black community simply cannot meet the demand for qualified students.” Hmmm … so, in this context (failure that can be placed at the foot of blacks) there is a black community. In other contexts (where the blame can be placed on whites or on our economic/social/political systems and institutions and blacks demand redress of that blame) we are Americans who should not be divided. Interesting.

As an American who happens to be black, I believe that we are one people, Americans, in all contexts. So, I think that ALL of our problems are the failure of ALL Americans and that ALL Americans bear a responsibility for fixing them. Now, I suppose that white conservatives cannot go into these homes where kids who happen to be black are doing so poorly in school and replace the absentee fathers and convince the mothers to stop having fatherless kids and turn off the television and rap music and put the basketballs and footballs away. Or then again maybe you can, we don’t know because it isn’t as if conservatives have tried … not only have conservative charity efforts not made it a priority but conservatives tend to shun public education and social work professions, and conservative individuals are not nearly as noted for their willingness to adopt or serve as foster parents of black kids as are, say, gay individuals and couples. Still, it is mighty re vealing that inner city charter and private schools are being founded by a tiny minority of liberal rebels willing to buck the public education terrorists while wealthy conservatives and their foundations would rather give money to the Heritage Foundation and to research the backgrounds of prominent liberal politicians and activists. So, while it may be true that black kids underperform, what are conservatives doing about it? Absolutely nothing direct, on a large scale, or of consequence … it is allowed to remain a black problem, and so long as that situation exists I don’t want to hear you guys talk about how we blacks need to quit being so concerned with our racial inequities and grievances and start seeing ourselves as Americans.


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