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Mourdock Responds to Lugar Attack

In an e-mail to the press, Richard Mourdock’s press secretary, Chris Conner, responds to the Dick Lugar campaign’s charge that he hasn’t always been a consistent conservative. Earlier today, Lugar’s campaign released a questionnaire from the October 30, 1992, edition of the Message, a weekly newspaper based in Evansville, Ind. In it, Mourdock, then a congressional candidate, is listed as supporting the Fairness Doctrine and having no position on the comprehensive nuclear-test ban or on legislation repealing penalties for companies that hire illegal immigrants. Here’s Team Mourdock’s response:

“This is a truly pathetic attempt by the Lugar campaign to manufacture media attention as their campaign hemorrhages in the polls,” said Mourdock spokesman Chris Conner.  “With each and every personal attack launched by the Lugar campaign, Hoosiers realize that Dick Lugar has not only lost his Indiana roots in Washington, he long ago abandoned his status as a statesman.”

The Lugar campaign apparently believed it was newsworthy that they learned how to produce poster board sized versions of the same personal attacks they have been alleging for months.  When local Indianapolis media began to question the re-tread nature of these claims, the Lugar campaign abruptly ended their 7 minute press event.

Conner added, “Lugar’s campaign tactics have reached a new low.  Conservative Hoosiers deserve a Senator who will stand up for them in Washington and be honest with them in Indiana.  Senator Lugar has been in Washington long enough.  It’s time for a change.”


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