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Move On?

Tom McClintock seems like a good guy, but I’m with Derb on this one, and not only on the grounds of electoral necessity. The Presidency may be an exception (as a combination of monarch and prime minister the President can be said – in theory – to embody the nation more than an ‘ordinary’ politician), but, generally speaking, if we’re looking for politicians to act as ‘role models’ (ghastly phrase) in all aspects of their lives we are looking in the wrong place and, not so coincidentally, elevating the status of those who presume to govern us to a far higher level than it needs to be. All we should ask of our ‘leaders’ is competence, honesty and a certain amount of brains. If they can inspire, so much the better, but it’s not essential. As to their sex lives, who cares? On the whole, it’s better to be ruled by a rogue than a saint.

Now, the reports (if they are accurate) of Schwarzenegger’s boorish behavior make unpleasant reading, to say the least, but, unless we really want a society prepared to criminalize every piece of hopeful pawing (and ‘investigate’ it – often years after the event), his apology (and the implicit undertaking on future conduct that comes with it) really should be enough.

I await the wrath of Ramesh.


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