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I read this oped this morning in the NYTimes this morning (how can anyone talk about American conservatives without mentioning WFB, by the way?) and was reminded of a nagging false impression that speaks to why we’re running this fund drive that’s all over the site today: Because National Review Online (and National Review on Dead Tree, as we affectionately call it, for that matter) is part of National Review, established 1955, by William F. Buckley Jr., with a rich history, etc., people assume, understandably, that we’re rolling in money. They see President’s Clubs at some think tanks and assume everyone on the Right gets their share from some collective pot. That’s not exactly how it goes though. Sure, we use think tank people’s pieces here, writing for us, but that doesn’t mean Heritage or AEI or whomever is slipping us a few mil or thou for a piece of our buzzmachine. They’re not. And—and I say this not to bemoan anyone what they have, just to state the truth—we don’t have any conference rooms named after anyone here, or endowed reporting chairs or the like, either. I say this all so you know (especially if you happen to have a few thou to spare!), we’re not doing this fundraiser because someone here was bored and thought it would be fun to make some new graphics. We’re doing it because we need it in order to continue offering you the best NRO possible every day: with the best commentary and analysis and reporting and essays and color and fun and all the rest NRO is. Do please consider a downpayment on Jonah’s chair in Enterprise Journalism (did Star Trek have reporters?—oh, darn, someone will probably tell me now…). Thanks again for everyone who has contributed thus far and thank you to everyone who is considering. It will not go to waste.


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Inflation, You Say?

Inflation, You Say?

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