The Corner Ready to Launch $1 Million Campaign to Draft Reluctant Elizabeth Warren is set to launch a $1 million campaign to urge Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for president, subject to approval by a majority of its members who will vote today. Jonathan Martin reports in the New York Times that the group plans to air ads supportive of Warren in New Hampshire and Iowa and to open offices there. They will also launch a “Run Warren Run” website with a petition encouraging her to run.

So far Warren has attempted to quash the enthusiasm of her supporters. Her spokeswoman had the same line for the Times and MSNBC in response to MoveOn’s plans: “As Senator Warren has said many times, she is not running for president.” executive director Ilya Sheyman insists that the campaign in support of Warren is not anti–Hillary Clinton. Guy Saperstein, the donor behind Ready for Warren, a super PAC created over the summer, is more explicit about his rejection of Clinton. Applauding’s announcement, he told MSNBC, “Hillary Clinton represents not only old ideas, but ideas which have failed.”

Ready for Warren has so far not produced any musical tributes to its desired candidate that can rival the widely acclaimed country anthem released recently by Stand with Hillary, but there is this:


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