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A Movie Recommendation . . .

The new movie Non-Stop is a genuinely entertaining action film. Liam Neeson has built an impressive second career in actioners, and his gloomy, brooding heroism is just right in this story of an alcoholic air marshal trying to foil the hijacking of a flight headed from New York to London. Especially impressive is the direction, and the set design: Even though 95 percent of the action takes place in the cabin of an ordinary passenger airplane, the movie feels spacious and unconstrained. There are people who will not enjoy it, and I give them fair warning. I happen to be a great fan of Bruce Willis’s Die Hard movies; if you don’t like that sort of thing, you should skip this one. And if you are the type of person who is angered by minor plot implausibilities in action movies, you probably won’t like it. (Plot implausibilities trouble me in, e.g., serious movies about relationships; in a movie such as this, I find it a lot easier to suspend disbelief.) Julianne Moore is excellent as the passenger who sits next to Neeson on the flight: No matter how hard you examine her facial expressions, you will not be able to dope out whether she’s an innocent person or a hijacker until the film wants to let you know.



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