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‘Mr. Attorney General, a trained terrorist is a terrorist.’

One might have hoped it would not be necessary to make this point to the attorney general of the United States. But, given that hope has often been disappointed these last hundred or so days, Rep. Frank Wolf (R., Va.) elucidates the obvious in yet another letter to AG Holder regarding the Uighur detainees, whom Holder and the administration are planning to free inside the United States:

I have grave concerns that you are playing fast and loose with the definition of “terrorist” and may be misleading the American people regarding its plans to release the Uyghur detainees into the U.S.  Let me be very clear – the Uyghurs held at Guantanamo Bay are trained terrorists and members or associates of the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), a designated terrorist group affiliated with al Qaeda, as designated by both the U.S. government and the United Nations (U.N.).  Whether their intended victims were Chinese or Americans, a trained terrorist is a terrorist.

As I discussed last week, the “trained terrorist” piece is crucial because, under federal immigration law, alien terrorists and aliens who have received training in terrorist camps may not be admitted into the United States. In any event, Representative Wolf’s letter (like his other letters to the Attorney General) can be found here.


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