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Mr Governor, You’re a Pot

So Governor Schwarzenegger is annoyed with the President on the grounds that he doesn’t have “a coherent federal policy” to stop global warming.

Well, neither does the Governor.  Nor does anyone else.  If President Bush were to ask the Senate to ratify Kyoto, for instance, and the Senate agreed, despite its 95-0 vote in 1997 against ratifying any such treaty, the national standards imposed would be much, much tougher than the Governator’s limited plan.  And Kyoto, if successfully implemented, would avert but 0.07 degrees C of projected warming by 2050.  The other Federal plans suggested, like the McCain-Lieberman measure S.139, would avert much less.  The Schwarzenegger plan looks like a girly-man besides these.

Let’s get it straight.  If the alarmists are right, then any plan to “stop global warming” would require something approaching the complete deindustrialization of the United States.  If we want to avoid that, then we have to look at adaptation so that we can live with a warmer world and help other nations to do the same – something that will require much greater economic liberalization in the developing world than we currently see to free up their creative talents.  That would make for a coherent Federal policy. Of course, it is quite possible that the alarmists are wrong, as a brief filed by various climate scientists with the Supreme Court argues (PDF link).

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