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Mr. President, Is It Getting Any Better as the Answers Come In?

President Obama today in the Rose Garden, speaking about the Muslim mass-murderer who killed many more Americans yesterday than were killed by the Muslim mass-murderers who bombed the World Trade Center in 1993: ”We don’t know all the answers yet. And I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts.”

So, at the Investigative Project on Terrorism, Steve Emerson marshals some of the answers that have come in about Nidal Malik Hasan: “Born in Virginia, sent to medical school by the U.S. Army, the psychiatrist was chastised for proselytizing to his patients about Islam. Asked his nationality, he didn’t identify himself as an American but as a Palestinian. He appeared pleased by the shooting death of a Little Rock Army recruiter in June and reportedly was heard saying, ‘maybe people should strap bombs on themselves and go to Times Square.’ In the fateful moment before he opened fire on his unarmed victims, he shouted Allahu Akhbar!’”

President Obama has had no problems jumping to conclusions about everything from the stimulus (it was going to keep unemployment below 8 percent) to Honduras (the administration pronounced it a lawless coup when, as the answers came in, it was shown to be the opposite of that). In fact, based on what it acknowledged was no “specific information,” his Homeland Security Department concluded that the country was about to experience a surge of violence from “rightwing extremists.” I don’t know what further answers the president is going to need here, but it seems some pretty obvious conclusions are in order.

By the way, as Steve points out, CAIR has also weighed in. They say . . . we don’t know all the answers yet and we shouldn’t jump to conclusions.